5 Reasons Why Women Should Consider a Career in Web Development


Internet is one of the most important networks that humans have invented until now. The fact that you do not need to be in the same location to be able to write, read, listen, and see information or digital products that come from different parts of the world, and instantly, is fascinating.

But there is a mistaken idea that to be able to develop products or platforms on the internet, you have to be a genius, especially because you are competing with men. A lot of women, including myself in the past, do not even consider this industry for this reason.

But, my friend, I want to let you know that developing the web can be easier than you might think. You only need to leave that intimidation behind and believe in yourself. I know, it reads like a cliché, but it is true.

Do not believe me? Hopefully, these 5 reasons will help you leave that fear behind.

1) Learning web development is getting easier and less expensive

Per Internet World Stats, until June 30, 2019, there are 4,536,248,808 internet users while there are around 7,716,223,209 earthlings.

This means that 58.8% of the world population has access to the internet, and these numbers continue to increase.

That’s why create and maintaining the structure and content of the internet it is increasingly important to human life.

If we see it from the business perspective, and the opportunity to make money, you have a distribution channel that almost 50% of the planet could access.

There is more demand for programmers than the market can supply. There is not A LOT of students that graduate from Computer Science, or something along those lines, to cover the thousands of existing, and to exist, businesses in the country.

Furthermore, most web developer job postings do not require a college diploma on the topic.

That is why, right now, there are a decent amount of coding boot camps that have emerged online and in person. Within months, you are ready to venture out as a web developer.

The average costs of coding boot camps are lower than college tuition. There are also coding boot camps that offer you curses, and to help you find your first job, and you pay after being employed as a web developer.

Not only there are coding boot camps, but also, there are multiple free online platforms that aim to help you learn to code the web. Furthermore, there are videos, blogs, social media profiles were you can find the resources needed for you to learn on your own, and free. I went ahead on this route. 😆

Right now there are lots of opportunities to learn to code the web. So if you are on the web, the difficulty to obtain resources to learn how to code should not be an excuse!

2) There is always a problem to solve

If you think that web development is solely based on creating web pages for marketing or landing pages so your business has an online presence, you are wrong.

Or, if you think that platforms that already have website templates are diminishing the need for web developers, think again.

The web is developing such a way that now applications that you were required to be downloaded on your computer are now cloud-based.

Also, you can solve problems by creating online products. Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, DropBox, and AirBnB are platforms that solved a problem using the web.

Facebook created personal profiles and connected humans un an unprecedented manner. Pinterest helps you to organize your ideas not by words, but visually. You can store and access documents, or files, from any part of the world by using DropBox. You can experience how local people live while you are traveling by scheduling your lodging arrangement via AirBnB. Anyway, these platforms were developed with a problem in mind, and the platforms are there proposed solutions.

How many times have you work on something on your job, or personal life, and questioned: ‘Is there an app for this?’

Imagine that you can say: ‘Is there an app for this?’, sit down and write it yourself.

Believe me, that it is going to be the closest thing to magic you are going to get.

3) You can work remotely

Working remotely is the synonym of liberty of location. Choosing the place, or environment, you want to work in daily gives you more control of your life.

If you want to work far from home, so far as you have taken an airplane, you can do it. If you want to stay home, so somebody receives the kids when they arrive home after school, you can. You do not want to use the car
so as not to pollute the environment, or avoid road rage, you can.

Sure, working remotely is not for every person. There are people that feel that they benefit more by having that place to go, having that structure. That is great too!

But for those who prefer to have the liberty of location, know that web design or development are options that can provide you with that lifestyle.

4) You feel empowered

Programming, in general, is satisfying. Even thou you feel that you are struggling so a set of instructions functions as needed when they do, you feel rejoiced.

But you can feel empowered by programming the web specifically. Not only you are using the web as a resource for information, or to connect with people, but also it becomes a tool for simplifying your job or daily life.

5) You are helping with the advancement of society… if you consider society

For me, the reason why humans have developed technology is to help us evolve as a species.

Much of the big problems humans have can be solved with a combination of technology and good governance. Technology as the means to produce on a big scale and governance for the implementation and maintenance of the technology so that the problem does not arise again.

If the technology that helps us solve our problems is excellently developed, and its primary driving purpose is not for profit, the new problems that will arise are not going to be from necessities.

Imagine a society were humans stop passing the needs because they commit to it. So each country, joint government with the private sector, decided to plan and provide without prioritizing their egos, creating balance.

We could become a different society, I hope more emotionally and spiritually elevated. Well, our focus would not be on the survival instincts, it would be on our must unkown muscle… our brain.

I know I know, I kind of went on a trip over there huh? But if kept reading up until here, you also went tripping with me so thanks for joining me 😊.

By the way

This article was written while listening to the Fantasmes band’s new self-titled album. Fantasmes comes from the Puerto Rican indie underground music scene with a psychedelic experimental obscure rock style.

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